Jesus’ Birth - Nativity Carvings Celebrating Jesus’ Coming to Earth

Based the Birth References: Paul - Galatians 4:4, John 1:1-5, 14, Matthew 2:1-14, and then, Luke details Jesus birth, Luke 2:1-20
The Following Nativity scenes are based on these passages…
All sets obviously include Joseph, Mary and the Baby Jesus.
            Enjoy a Nativity set in your home to teach about the birth of Jesus. We encourage you to consider the “perfect fit” for your home display.
                Use Nativity Set to be a witness to your family, friends, and neighbors of
Christ coming to earth. Enjoy your Nativity scene each Christmas for years to come.
                The grain in the olive wood will continue to enhance the story as
            it becomes more beautiful with age. Each year add the figures to your scene
            as you read the Birth story. Enjoy!
            The following Nativity Scenes may be selected by item numbers. Choose the
            carving details, number of figures you desire, and background design you prefer.
            Scrolling through the scenes available by size (Church display, Large, Medium and Small).

Christmas and Nativity Collection

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